Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

MAGA for African-Americans

Shortly after the election I wrote a post that discussed how Trump's "America First" aka "MAGA" movement would be extremely beneficial for African-Americans, particularly those without college degrees:
All those black folks with higher wages than before thanks to the idea of bringing jobs BACK. Black folks stand to win with less illegal immigration and even legal immigration. Black folks stand to win with an America first ideology that brings back or creates manufacturing jobs that can employ those persons not particularly suited for jobs requiring advanced education.

It will be rather interesting if during the presidency of a Republican (in name only?) black unemployment drops significantly.

Not only has Black unemployment dropped, to allegedly historical lows, but we have direct evidence that increased scrutiny of illegal aliens employed by companies has netted many black jobs:
About 800 employees of the main Cloverhill Bakery on the Northwest Side and the company’s bakeries in Cicero and Romeoville lost their jobs when the audit found many were hired after presenting fake or stolen IDs.
Eight what?
In May 2017, the Trump administration sent letters to about 800 employees, saying they weren’t authorized to work in the United States, records examined by the Chicago Sun-Times show.

Those Hispanic employees didn’t return to work, leaving the bakery desperate to fill their jobs. So the company turned to another placement agency, Metro Staff Inc., and it provided Cloverhill with workers screened through the government’s “E-Verification” program. Most of those new employees are African American.

So while the first black president pussy footed around with this company and got SQUAT for black people in Chicago that voted for him. Trump got over 500 (they said most of the 800 not all, so I can only say over 500) black folks in Chicago jobs and you won't hear so much as a "thank you" from any of the talking heads.
Ed French, owner of Elgin-based Metro Staff Inc., says his company became the main provider of workers for the bakery and that about 80 percent of them are black. According to French, workers at the bakery were paid slightly less before his company was hired two and a half years ago — with wages up by about 25 cents an hour, to just above minimum wage.
640 black folks hired AND got more pay than they would have had.

This for a population that voted Democrat by over 90%.


And what do these mofos do with this gift?

But Okwusa says Cloverhill soon ran into problems. In a memo to the company, Okwusa, who is African American, wrote that the black workers “displayed a higher turnover rate of over 40 percent and a lower efficiency rate than their Hispanic co-workers.”
Now I would hope that this turnover rate is due to going to a better job but I've seen this story before and it's unlikely AND doesn't explain the lower efficiency rate. This kind of behavior is why folks end up not wanting to hire black folks.

At the end of the day, at least for Chicago African-Americans, Trump delivered the goods. If we [continue] to fail when these opportunities are opened to us, then we have no one else to blame but ourselves.


A Hispanic woman who formerly worked at the bakery says the ICE audit cost her husband his job. But she says she didn’t feel tension between Hispanic and black workers because, “In the time that I worked there, honestly, I didn’t see any black workers. They came later.”
They had no intentions on hiring black folks.
Black workers couldn’t communicate well with Spanish-speaking Mexican workers and supervisors, according to Lane, who blames the company for the resulting confusion.

“When I first started, and when they first put me in as a packer, I asked the question, ‘Do they speak English?’ ” she says. “And they said: ‘Everybody.’ But when I went to communicate with them, no one spoke English.”

Shouldnt happen in America. But just you wait black folks. If things continue as they have been soon you too will be deemed unqualified to work because you don't speak Spanish.

State Enforced Transgenderism

I'm old. I'm old enough to remember when all that homosexuals said they wanted was to be left alone. I remember when they said that they only wanted the government out of their bedrooms. I remember when they said that all they wanted was the right to be with their loved ones in the hospital. I remember when they said they only wanted the same tax benefits as other "couples". I remember when they said that how does allowing homosexuals to marry have any affect on your life?

Now I see "My Two Dads" being read at school. I see Christian bakers being told they have no rights that a homosexual ought recognize.

I see states and cities passing laws that you can't call a male and male if said male is sick in the head and thinks he's a female.

And now:

On Friday, Ohio parents were denied custody of their daughter for not being supportive enough of her alleged transgenderism...

Hamilton County Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon granted custody to the girl's maternal grandparents, who are open to transgender hormone therapy. The teenager has been living with them since 2016.

In a sane world, the case would have been thrown out, the child returned to her parents and told that once she is of age (usually 18) she can leave home and do whatever she wants (and can afford) with her body.

But we don't live in a sane world. We live with state enforced transgenderism.

Incentivising Behavior

One of the arguments against welfare is that it encourages idleness. After all, if you can do nothing and receive income, why would you work? Most of us are not wired to accept that kind of existence. However there are a lot of people who will do whatever they have to to remain on the government teat, which is really your wallet. The NY Times recently ran an article that showed an example of this issue.
A few miles away in another wooded suburb, Emilia DiCola, 28, an aspiring opera singer who scrapes by with gigs at churches and in local theaters, has no such complaints. She qualifies for Medicaid — free government health insurance that millions more low-income Americans have gained through an expansion of the program under the Affordable Care Act.
She's an aspiring what? Why should the taxpayer subsidize her dreams of becoming an opera singer rather than doing whatever [else] she can to not be on the government teat?
Though roughly the same age, Ms. DiCola has followed a different course. She dropped out of the Manhattan School of Music in 2009 after her freshman year because she couldn’t keep up with the tuition. Now, to supplement the scant income she gets from singing gigs, she drives for Uber and Lyft a few nights a week, sometimes more, in Boston. She earned about $15,000 last year, making sure she stayed under the threshold to qualify for Medicaid.

“I feel like it’s no different from what corporations do all the time, taking advantage of tax breaks and that sort of thing,” Ms. DiCola, a soprano who talks animatedly about Verdi and Puccini, said of being on Medicaid. “Frankly, if they’re allowed to do it, why shouldn’t I?”

"Making sure she stayed under the threshold to qualify for Medicaid."

Incentivizing behavior.

Then there's this comment about corporations. One big difference between this chick and the vast majority of corporations: They create jobs (The quality of which is not a topic of discussion here). This woman's life goal creates no productive jobs. Meanwhile...:

“I’m totally happy to pay my fair share,” she said, “but I’m also paying someone else’s share, and that’s what makes me insane.”

Ms. Hurd finished college at the University of Massachusetts, with her parents paying for it, and has a master’s degree in communications, which she got tuition-free while working in admissions at Southern New Hampshire University. She’s been working about 30 hours a week at the outlet mall and a small remodeling firm while looking for a job with good benefits in communications or marketing.

Her husband, Matt, started his contracting business a few years ago and is finishing his undergraduate degree with the help of a loan. They bought a 1750s farmhouse just before they married; Ms. Hurd returned to work when their son, Harry, was eight weeks old.

This is what pisses people off. It's one thing to provide help for those who have fallen on hard times. But when people choose to be unproductive, specifically to stay on the government teat, that is unacceptable. What this DiCola person needs to be told is:

Glad you want to be an opera singer but see here, you drive that Uber till the wheels come off. You do part time school to get a degree in something that pays or learn a trade and get off the government teat.

Friday, February 16, 2018

A Nation Of Sitting Ducks

So we have another school shooting. The usual suspicious politicians are saying the usual things and the people are sitting ducks.

Consider this. This guy entered the school grounds and went to at least 5 classrooms shooting at will, meeting no resistance whatsoever and when he was done he walked away and went to McDonalds and Walmart before he was arrested. I saw a report, among many that discussed how teachers locked the doors to the classrooms and waited.

A nation of sitting ducks.

I didn't know that at one time in America, students were taught to handle guns

So then at what point did schools become not only gun free but a place where basic shit like self defense is verboten and people hide behind doors and wait and hope for other men with guns to come rescue them? That is a pretty huge cultural shift.

Policy makers know full well that enabling people to act on the spot will save lives. Witness the proliferation of defibrillators that have been installed in many schools and office buildings. Why are they there? They are there because we know that in an emergency situation, time is of the essence. If we empower the people in the vicinity to render aid then they are more likely to survive until the medical professionals arrive. Yet when it comes to personal safety, the ability to defend oneself, which is the fundamental essence of the second amendment, this fact based knowledge goes out the window.

Had cruz met resistance after making himself known as a threat, far less people would have been killed or injured. As a matter of fact, it is likely that if Cruz knew that he would most definitely meet deadly resistance should he embark on his mission, he may have decided not to go through with the act.

How is it that the American public sees it as a virtue to be socialized into believing it is a good thing to be a helpless potential victim waiting on big daddy government to help them rather than being an individual capable of helping themselves?

I remember in the gym where I work out, going to a room with Chinese Butterfly knives to train with. The number of people who were shook at the sight of these training weapons (they were blunt) surprised me. Never mind that every dumbbell in the gym was a deadly weapon, these folks were shook. I was told I couldn't bring these items back because people felt threatened.

And that's the root of this problem. We have people making decisions based on their emotions and their inability to deal with the risks of a free society. If they feel threatened or uncomfortable, someone else must change their behavior. It's someone else's responsibility to make me feel safe. It is someone else's responsibility to coddle my emotional state. Someone, anyone, must do something so that I do not have to do anything.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Cabbie Learns The Lesson of Immigration Restriction

"It is only at the end that you understand..."
-Emperor Palpatine, Return of The Jedi While Trump gets blasted for making statements about illegal immigration that was common among Democrats until it wasn't, People on the ground continue to live with the results of the non-functioning occupation government that is inhabiting Washington DC. One of the reasons that one restricts immigration is to control population growth. In California they are seeing serious water supply problems. No one there wants to admit it, but part of their problem is the millions of people that are in the state who should not be who use water resources.

Another reason for immigration restriction is to protect jobs and wages for people who are already here. As anyone who has taken pre-economics knows, if you increase the supply of a good or service, then it's value in the marketplace drops. Why should I pay a vendor 50 bucks for a product when there are 12 others who are willing to sell the same product for $5? I was bitten by this very issue when I had a business doing web design and digital video. When ISPs started offering free website design tools and services to my potential clients in return for their monthly bill, I could not compete. Similarly, when iMovie and iDVD made it relatively easy for my potential clients to make their own DVDs, then my services, using Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro were no longer competitive (for the market I was in). I eventually figured out that I was paying my clients to do work for them. I closed up shop for more profitable ventures in casinos. And when you make more money in a casino then you would doing a "real job" you know there is a serious problem.

The point being here that cheap rivals undermine the economy for all competitors with devastating consequences. Meet the suicidal taxi driver.

On Monday morning, Doug Schifter, a livery driver in his early 60s, killed himself with a shotgun in front of City Hall in Lower Manhattan, having written a lengthy Facebook post several hours earlier laying out the structural cruelties that had left him in such dire circumstance. He was now sometimes forced to work more than 100 hours a week to survive, he said; when he had started out in the 1980s, a 40-hour week was fairly typical. He blamed politicians — mayors Michael R. Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo — and their acquiescence to the rich for permitting so many cars to flood the streets. He blamed the Taxi Commission for the fines and hassles it imposed...

He had lost his health insurance and accrued credit card debt and he would no longer work for “chump change,’’ preferring, he said, to die in the hope that his sacrifice would draw attention to what drivers, too often unable to feed their families now, were enduring...

Implicit in his testament was the anger he felt over the de-professionalization of his life’s work. Mr. Schifter had driven more than five million miles throughout his tenure, through five hurricanes and 50 snowstorms. He had chauffeured celebrities and worn a suit. He was not driving a car to supplement the income he was getting from his crepe business and he was not trying to make a little extra money for a gym membership. He was not a participant in the gig economy; he was a casualty of it.

I see personal vehicles being used as taxis all over the place. In fact, if I see a Camry on the road I almost always assume it is a taxi, particularly if it is driven by a non-white male. I would say that I am right 60% of the time. Now you may be wondering what this has to do with immigration. Well in NY, where this event took place, the taxi business is essentially an immigrant work business. The reason why businesses like unrestricted immigration is that it creates an excess of workers. This excess drives down wages. Suddenly a job that could support a family can't. And then you have politicians that will call you lazy because you won't work yourself to death for diminishing wages.

While Uber has sold that “disruption” as positive for riders, for many taxi workers, it has been devastating. Between 2013 and 2016, the gross annual bookings of full-time yellow-taxi drivers in New York, working during the day when fares are typically highest, fell from $88,000 a year to just over $69,000. Medallions, which grant the right to operate a taxi in New York City, were now depreciating assets and drivers who had borrowed money to pay for them, once a sound investment strategy, were deeply in debt. Ms. Desai was routinely seeing grown men cry and she had become increasingly concerned about the possibility that they would begin taking their lives.
Notice that Uber is claiming a "positive for riders". This is like the fake "net neutrality" argument. Riders get "cheap" fares like internet customers get cheap streaming. There is absolutely no discussion of the disruption to the people who were previously making a decent living being taxi drivers. No, all that matters is that riders get cheap rides (and that Uber makes it's cut off each ride). Many failed to understand that the medallion system served two purposes: It kept salaries up by creating scarcity of product (taxis) and reduced congestion, particularly in Manhattan.
For decades there had been no more than 12,000 to 13,000 taxis in New York but now there were myriad new ways to avoid public transportation, in some cases with ride-hailing services like Via that charged little more than $5 to travel in Manhattan. In 2013, there were 47,000 for-hire vehicles in the city. Now there were more than 100,000, approximately two-thirds of them affiliated with Uber.
The situation in the taxi industry is a portrait of what happens when a country is flooded with people. Now replicate this situation in construction. Replicate this in IT. Add the coming advances in AI. But it is only at the end that this guy comes to realize that his livelihood was destroyed by government policies that favored businesses that want plentiful and cheap labour. The same businesses that go all in to tell you how Trump is evil incarnate for suggesting policies that would have kept this guy's income at a level where he would not have been so desperate.

Uber is making money. The dealerships leasing these vehicles are making money. The NYSDMV is making money off the registration and inspection fees (higher for TLC vehicles) and the garages providing brakes, tires and oil changes are making out like bandits.

You want open borders and unlimited workers? You got it. Don't say you weren't warned.

Side note: You see that Via ride for $5 to travel in Manhattan? Let me explain how bad this is. Given the traffic in Manhattan and the time it takes to get to a location, a driver charging $5 per manhattan ride needs at least 20 minutes to complete a transaction. That's $15/hour at best. This same person can learn Blackjack basic strategy for Hit 17, use a 1-3 bet spread and make far more than $15/hour spending his time at Empire City or Resorts world casinos. It is literally and financially better to gamble in the NYC area casinos than to work with Via. This is how bad the "gig economy" is.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Colony USA

When a country is colonized, the colonist set up a government for the benefit of themselves and their mother country. Governmental decisions are generally made to keep taxes, goods or whatever other benefits flowing to the colonial power. While the colonized country may get investments, those investments are generally to ensure that the primary reason for colonization is met. So, for example, a country may get an extensive railroad network. But that railroad is funded for the purposes of getting materials from the manufacturing sector to the coast for shipment to the mother country.

Similarly there may be public transport created, but again the purpose is to get needed workers to manufacturing areas. In slave societies of the past, so long as new slaves could be [cheaply] obtained, the development of that country is mainly for the owning class. This is important to understand. A colony works for the benefit of those who colonize it.

Today the US Government is "shut down" because Democrats (and a number of Republicans) are working on behalf of foreign nationals, mostly those who have no legal right to be in the country. What is clear then is that the US Government and the Democratic party at large is a colonial government. America is officially a colony.

I have lived through a number of government "shut downs". Never before has the event been precipitated by supposed representatives of the citizens holding out for the benefit of foreign nationals. In the 1995-1996 conflict between President Clinton and Republicans, the issues were:

The United States federal government shutdowns of 1995 and 1995–96 were the result of conflicts between Democratic President Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress over funding for Medicare, education, the environment, and public health in the 1996 federal budget.
Nothing at all about "immigration" or "dreamers" or any such cover for "on behalf of foreign nationals". Even the last shutdown in 2013 was about policies directed at citizens (the ACA). This is unprecedented (as far as I know) in US history.

This may not be selling secrets to a foreign power but as far as I'm concerned this is treason, full stop. It will be to the shame of the US voting public that these so called representatives of the citizens will find themselves still employed in "government service" after their next bid. Such is how deep the rot is.

And note, I have said nothing about Trump. Trump doesn't matter in this issue. At no time should any so called representative of a sovereign country allow it's government to be shut down or otherwise compromised for the benefit of foreign nationals. Period.

There are outlets and personalities talking about the affects on military and children. Not to be crass, but I don't particularly care. There is a far larger issue at stake here. What good is a paid military, when the government is already in the hands of agents of foreign nationals? And make no mistake about it, these persons who are holding the government hostage are in fact agents of foreign nationals.

The United States is a colony.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Homosexuals vs The US Constitution

Once again, like the Christian baker case, we have a case that should be resolved quite promptly and easily but isn't because an quickly enlarging treason class is unwilling to recognize the US Constitution. This example from the University of Iowa.
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The University of Iowa is caught up in a legal fight with a conservative Christian student group that denied a leadership position to a student who is gay.

The case pits a university policy barring discrimination based on sexual orientation against the religious beliefs of a 10-member group called Business Leaders in Christ. The group sued after the state's flagship university in Iowa City revoked its campus registration in November.

The group says its membership is open to everyone, but that its leaders must affirm a statement of faith that rejects homosexuality. The university says it respects the right of students, faculty and staff to practice the religion of their choice but does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

First thing to note is that the U of Iowa is a public university which means it has an extra burden of protecting the constitutional rights of it's employees and students. Unlike a private university which are largely exempt from such requirements the U of Iowa is required to protect the constitutional right of freedom of exercise of religion. No if, and, buts or maybes.

A student member of Business Leaders in Christ, Marcus Miller, filed a complaint with the university last February after the group denied his request to serve as its vice president. Miller's request was rejected after he disclosed he was gay.
He has no basis for the complaint. The first amendment clearly covers the group and the U of Iowa is bound by law to recognize the group. But this is another example, like the baker case, where a person who knew full well the culture of the organization he was dealing with, decided to make a nuisance of himself and deny the group it's constitutionally protected rights.

Miller did not respond to messages seeking comment about the lawsuit. He has since started his own university-recognized, Jesus-centered student organization, Love Works, to advocate for justice on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual issues.
While I don't agree with this organization I recognize that this is also the right of this student. Just as the Christian group had a right to decide how it would exercise it's religion, Miller and his friends are able to create a group and exercise his religion the way he sees fit without interference from the university or the state.

The Black Fainting Couch

Senator Durbin:
When it came to the issue of, quote, 'chain migration,' I said to the president, do you realize how painful that term is to so many people? African-Americans believe they migrated to America in chains and when you talk about chain migration, it hurts them personally. He said, 'Oh, that’s a good line.'"
Yeah. And you know what, when I went to Miami last year I could barely contain myself when I saw all those ships docked in Port Miami.

Very problematic.

Also trips to Home Depot are very traumatizing. You know they have ropes and chains in that place?

The Left Is Good With African Brain Drain

One of the main points of Garveyism was that Africans with skills should use those skills to develop Africa into a modern society. It was Garvey's belief that it was the responsibility of the Afican to do this development and that doing this development was how the African proved his equality on the world stage. To that end the UNIA used the Black Star Line corp to transport goods to Liberia. W.E.B DuBois along with the NAACP was front and center in the opposition to this plan. DuBois being of the opinion that the mosquitoes and disease (shit hole?) in Africa was not desirable. He preferred the US until very late in life where he had an epiphany and took himself to Ghana.

The point here being that Africa needed it's educated class more than any European country or the US. Yet here we have lefties, including a great number of so called "woke" black people who want to deprive the very black countries who need the expertise, their high IQ members. Why is that?

Back in 2013 I wrote about the then "scandal" in Italy about Cecile Kyenge:

Kyenge, 48, was born in Congo and moved to Italy three decades ago to study medicine. An eye surgeon, she lives in Modena with her Italian husband and two children.
So this woman left the Congo to study medicine and decided to stay put while...
I believe the above to be a bigger problem. Italy is not lacking for doctors of any kind. According to the US Global Health Policy website Italy has 35 Physicians per 10,000 persons. It has a ranking of 25 out of 145* putting it at the 82 percentile. Not bad at all. Where does the Congo place? 127 of 145*. That's the 12 percentile. Now you tell me, Who would be better served by Kyenge's considerable skills? Italy or the Congo?
and Kyenge is not an isolated case. You can go to many hospitals, particularly in large urban areas and see the sheer number of doctors and nurses hailing from "third world" countries where their skills are needed.

On top of that back in 2006 I noted a report on the financial cost of the African brain drain.

Africa spends US$4 billion per year, representing 35% of total official development aid to the continent, to employ some 100,000 Western experts.

These are recruited to perform functions generically described as 'technical assistance', which could have been done by African experts lost to the brain drain of the western world.

So woke Africans should agree with limiting the numbers of Africans allowed into the US. Such a limit would be a financial and technical boon to Africa. However; when one is stuck in "stick it to the white man" mentality, all you can see is "sticking it to the white man".

But this once again shows the clear racism of the left. Blacks cannot be expected to work on their own countries. They need to have white people scoop them up and transplant them to "magic dirt" that is white countries.

Not Helping Your Case

You know that point in an argument when the other party is so lost they start making arguments against their own arguments and they don't realize it. Here's The Independent. Where do we start?
Donald Trump prefers immigrants from Norway but more Americans move to Scandinavia than vice versa
That's the headline. So Americans are going to Norway instead of....Oh. I see.
In 2016, 895 people emigrated from the US to Norway, while only 502 went the other way, according to Statistics Norway.
So more Americans went to an even more white country than America than Norwegians went to a less white country. And this proves that...
An estimated 800,000 Norwegians moved across the Atlantic from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s
Yes and strangely, where they settled tend to vote Republican.

Wealth Inequality Simply Explained

It doesn't get much simpler than this. The problem with the left is that it mistakes "hours worked" for "hard work". It's not the same. You will see them say/write that a company needs to pay a "living wage" because if you work 40 hours a week saying "Hi how may I help you" you should be able to make $40-$50k.

It is similar to an argument I heard about the recent tax bill. Apparently we're supposed to be upset that business owners get tax deductions that employees do not get. Really.

Now I used to think that way until I started a business, in part to get the tax benefits. The one thing that many/most employees do not get about being a business owner is that the business owner gets paid last. The business owner has no guaranteed paycheck at the end of the week. If business sucks this week, the business owner doesn't get paid. But that person he hired to ring up the customers? They get their check, even if the business owner has to go to the bank and put up his last possession as collateral for a loan to make payroll.

Being an employee is low risk. Why shouldn't the person(s) who take the great personal risk not get a benefit for doing so? That said, I am of the strong belief that if one's business profitability is dependent upon the taxes [not] paid, then that business is in serious trouble. The IRS thinks so too because if you're running a loss year after year, they're going to be looking at you.

What Part of Temporary Do You Not Understand?

So one of NY Chanel 7's Sunday political shows discussed the ending of TPS status for El Salvadorians. This is not the link but it is the basis of the Sunday broadcast:
BRENTWOOD, Long Island (WABC) -- The Trump administration's decision to end special protections for about 200,0000 Salvadoran immigrants filled many Salvadoran families with dread Monday, raising the possibility that they will be forced to abandon their roots in the U.S. and return to a violent homeland they have not known for years, even decades.
So we can call Salvadore a hellhole rather than a shit hole? Besides, crime is not a natural disaster. It is a consequence of human activity. But this part about a "homeland they have not known for years" is of interest.
What should be an exciting time of life is now buried in a nightmare. His parents are from El Salvador. They have lived, worked, and paid taxes for the last 20 years with their temporary protected status. TPS protects them from deportation while allowing them to drive, and obtain a temporary social security card.
Why were this fellow's parents, and himself, in the country for 20 years on the basis of a temporary entrance? What part of temporary did they not understand? What part of temporary did the people running this system not understand. It was unfair to these Salvadorians to have been given the impression that this "temporary" status was anything but that. The only reason I can see for a 20 year "temporary status" would be for a nuclear meltdown on the level of Chernobyl. Even then, even though there is no returning to Chernobyl, the rest of the country is habitable. No, this TPS should have been able to be extended exactly 1 (one) time. Thats 4 years to work, save, wire transfer and plan for your return to your country. End of story. There should have been no way to take out loans, purchase property or in any way put down anything resembling roots anywhere.
But on Monday the Trump administration announced the end of TPS for Salvadoran immigrants, which means Rodman's parents could soon be deported and returned to their mother country, which is besieged by violence, high unemployment, and corruption.
Aside from describing some cities in America, how is that the problem of US Citizens? US Citizens had no hand in the violence. Nor did they create and maintain the corruption or lack of employment.
"My mom and dad, they consider themselves to be New Yorkers," said Rodman. "When they came to this country they were pursuing the American dream."
This statement again makes it clear that they were under the impression that they were in the US to stay. Whoever explained the TPS to them clearly gave them the impression that they had reached the "promised land" and that they were home free. What the Trump administration is doing is what should have been done in the beginning: Make it clear that residency is temporary.

To take them away from their homes, their families, their friends, it's immoral," said Rodman.
No, what is immoral is taking advantage of the generosity of US Citizens to provide shelter during a natural disaster and then refusing to leave.

Free Loading

From the
In fact, California recipients of state aid receive a disproportionately large share of it in no-strings-attached cash disbursements. It’s as though welfare reform passed California by, leaving a dependency trap in place. Immigrants are falling into it: 55% of immigrant families in the state get some kind of means-tested benefits, compared with just 30% of natives.

California allows over half of the people who arrived there to collect state assistance? Talk about wealth transfer. Why is this acceptable. And note that if an illegal immigrant comes in and has citizen children, the "children" can receive aid. And you know, if children are receiving aid, then the parents are, so the disbursements to non-citizens in California are even higher than this number.

Why is this acceptable? Why is it OK to import poverty and then spend millions, if not billions on transferring citizen wealth, via taxation to these persons? This doesn't even account for use of medical facilities, schools or strains on public utilities.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018


Africa for the African.
Asia for the Asian.
Europe for the European.
and Palestine for the Jew.
-Marcus Garvey

If you are interested in the European then be for the European.
If you are interested in the Asian then be for the Asian.
I am interested in the African so I am for the African.
-Marcus Garvey.

The above is Garveyite Pan-Africanism in very short. This is the meaning behind the Red, Black and Green. If you claim the RBG and do not adhere to the above, then you are not a Garveyite and therefore should not be flying the RGB. This post isn't a discussion of what is or is not Garveyism, but rather what real, actual factual "Black Nationalism" is supposed to be about. When Garvey brought his brand of nationalism to the world stage he was very clear that the aims of that nationalism was to bring the African onto the world stage as an equal to all others. One of his aims was to end the exploitation of one group by another. His idea was that when a man (or group of people) are weak, they are likely to be predated upon. His idea was that the African doesn't become free and equal by guilting people into doing things forthem but by doing for self. This is encapsulated in the statement:

Anything one man has done you can do also.
Part of Garveyite philosophy as shown in the lead quotes is that the natives of a land have the rights to that land. They have the right to say what their culture is. Who gets to come. who should go and to have that society work for the interests of the natives of that land. Over the past decade or so, we have seen that many lefty people have denied one group their native status: The European.

If you are a Pan-Africanist of the Garvey variety, this should bother you. If Africa is for the African because the African is native to Africa, then Europe is for the European because he is native there. However; somehow the European is being dispossessed of claims to his very home:

In Collier’s own book on the subject, “Exodus,” he used the term “indigenous” British which Hasan, whose parents were from India, found deeply offensive...
Why does Hasan's opinion or feelings on the matter even matter. He is in fact NOT indigenous to England. He knows it too.
A less defensive Collier might have suggested that Europeans’ use of tribal nomenclature should be no more offensive than referring to descendents of America’s pre-Columbian inhabitants as indigenous peoples. Although in pushing for such claimed status, without evidence , Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, aka “Pocahontas,” might have unknowingly reinforced Hasan’s concerns that exclusion from “indigenous status” must incur some disadvantage. A cowed Professor Collier hesitatingly agreed that Hasan was indeed an “indigenous” Brit. [my underlines]
When a Brit has to apologize to a non-brit because he called the non-Brit exactly what he is, then you know you have reached a point in which you have lost your country. Many so called conscious black people like to quote Malcolm X in which he says that a kitten born in an oven is still a kitten rather than biscuits. You cannot agree with such a sentiment (that simply being born somewhere somehow magically transforms someone into a native of that place) as it applies to Africans (born in America) but then be offended when the same applies to others.

I have to say that I was pretty shocked to read that someone actually had to apologize to a foreigner for calling him what he was. We know full well that such a thing would not have happened in Japan, China, Africa or to a Native American talking about "pale face".

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Plantation Mentalities

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Black people believe in White Supremacy more than any other racial group out there. Black people are apparently unable to help themselves and so need the Democratic party to "help them". I think Barkley has it all wrong. Black people need to get off THEIR ASSES and help themselves.

When I decided I wanted to seriously build wealth, I did not ask the Democratic party for help. I cut my cable. I turned off as many lights as possible. I got myself on a very restrictive budget. I paid off all my debt. I made a calendar of all spending for the year that I could foresee. I didn't go out. At all. I had no vacations. I traded in my car for a beater and got off the car payment treadmill.

I don't buy expensive clothes. I buy store brand food unless there is a significant difference in taste or quality. I have an old computer and buy them second hand as to not get hit with depreciation.

Nothing I did requires or required the help of Democrats. Nor did it require some change to the tax code. What I did was practice discipline. You do what you have to to do what you want to. But to many people want to do whatever they want to and then get mad when they don't get the results they expected and then want other people to bail them out of the consequences of their bad decisions.

6 years from now Black Alabama will be in the same state that they are in today. Mark those words.

An Important Warning From Alabama

And so Roy Moore's aspirations to become a senator are doused. Many are celebrating. I'm not going to comment on the politicking of the event. Whether one agrees with the platforms or Moore or Jones is not of vital interest to me since I see both parties as being owned by the same elites who are not really interested in the welfare of the citizenry. What is concerning to me is the roll that accusations of what is legally child molestation played in this election.

It should bother every and anybody who is concerned about "justice" and fairness, when anyone can decide, 40 years after the fact to raise accusations of serious legal implications. This is especially true with Moore because those same persons had multiple opportunities to make their claims when Moore was a judge and was in the Alabama and national public eye. It was only after having defeated the party preferred candidate did these accusations become public. To say that this was somehow coincidental is to believe the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale.

But politics is politics. We expect mud slinging. Fine. But what was really at stake here was the inherited idea that a person is innocent until proven guilty. That it is entirely unfair to a person to have accusations leveled against them decades after the alleged event. It is without a doubt that had this ambush not occurred that Moore would now be senator elect of Alabama if for no other reason than that decent people do not like persons who are child molesters. But the thing is, there is no evidence that Moore is or ever was one.

The accusation leveled against Moore was of an event that occurred some 40 years ago. What court can go and find evidence of this event from 40 years ago? What witness is going to be reliable 40 years later? What is worse in this case is that we have an actual forged document. Now lets' be clear about forgery, since if this piece is shared on Facebook, they might flag it as "fake". If a document is modified from it's original form then it is forged. So for example, if I write a check for $100 and fail to sign it and someone signs my signature as if I had done so and passed that off to a bank to cash it, they have forged a document. The entire document doesn't have to be made up from scratch. ANY modification of the document that is presented as if it was the original IS forgery. When the yearbook was presented to the public, the signature of Moore including the "D.A" and commentary was presented as written by Moore. This turns out to be not true. This was admitted to by the accuser 1 week prior to the election. Had this been presented in a trial, the evidence would be thrown out and the jury instructed to disregard. Hence legally there is no grounds to convict Moore. Moore, had he been given his day in court would have been acquitted of any and all charges. However; Moore did not get his day in court and may never get his day in court. Now that he has been defeated at the ballot box, there is no need for his accusers to continue. I expect that they will become silent and the event memory holed at least until Jones is seated. Moore will be permanently stained. And so will the nation.

Why? Because now we have ample evidence that we can accuse people of things and ruin their lives without consequence. The accused, if innocent, will unlikely be able to "prove" their innocence, which itself is a profound shift in American culture, because they will unlike have any evidence. How do you prove you didn't grab a booty? How do you prove you didn't go for that kiss? How do you defend against an "off color" joke that you thought was OK because you thought you had a relationship that allowed for that? What if you DID have a relationship that allowed for that kind of joke but some HR policy (or God forbid actual legislation) allows for someone else to be offended on behalf of the person they think to be the victim to make the accusation? Good luck. Of course businesses keen on reducing their liability for the sake of reputation and insurance premiums, not to mention the EEOC and whatever other 3 and 4 letter organizations that are ready to pounce, will quickly sever ties to the now untouchable.

So whether Jones is best for Alabama is for Alabamans to figure out. They have 6 years to deal with that decision. But the new standard of how to lose jobs and other opportunities is going to be felt by everybody. Because now all of us are officially on notice that a single accusation of something "inflammatory" enough in the minds of HR (if one is subject to an HR) can be the end of one's financial life. If it happens to you and you didn't object, on principle, the way Moore has been treated by the press on the issue, then you got what you didn't care about and have no one to blame but yourself.

PS: Since Alabamans are so against the 30 year old chatting up teenagers, I hope they are consistent and pass legislation that modifies their age of consent laws to address that. Failure to do so will only show just how hypocritical the entire situation is.